Standard Format of Date on Checks

To prevent any inconvenience in your checking transactions, please be advised that effective July 1, 2018, there will be a uniform interpretation of date on checks as issued by Philippine Clearing House Corporation (PCHC).

As per Memo Circular No. 3436, date written in purely numeric form should follow the standard format of Month-Day-Year Sequence, regardless of the form or shape of the partition symbol.

Format Example
Numeric style (with full year) 11032018
Numeric style (with last 2-digit year) 110318
Numeric with '/' partition (full year) 11/03/2018
Numeric with '/' partition (shortened year) 11/03/18
Numeric with '-' partition (full year) 11-03-2018
Numeric with '-' partition (shortened year) 11-03-18
Numeric with '.' partition (full year) 11.03.2018
Numeric with '.' partition (shortened year) 11.03.18

As per Memo Circular No. 3437, the Month-Day-Year sequence only applies to dates written entirely in numerals. Hence, dates written in alpha numeric format such as the ones illustrated below will continue to be accepted.

Format Example
Fully written November 03, 2018
Abbreviated month (first three letters) Nov 3, 2018
Fully written 03 November 2018
Abbreviated month 03 Nov 2018
Shortened 03 Nov 18

Please also note that all Post-dated Checks (PDCs) bearing formats other than illustrated above and which were accepted and warehoused prior to July 1, 2018 will continue to be accepted until paid or negotiated.


Posted as of May 25, 2018.